Ateret Israel Preschool
Ateret Israel Preschool

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The early childhood years are so magical and crucial in one's development in becoming a mature and well balanced adult. 

This is the most critical time which a child's self-image is formed.

At Ateret Israel Preschool we nurture and help each child develop a positive self-esteem, feel loved and respected in a caring and nourishing environment. While promoting good manners, respect of parents and setting the stepping stones for a successful future, we incorporate the value of being a part of the Jewish Nation.

Pre-Nursery Program

Our goal is to provide a safe, comfortable, and nurturing environment for your child. We aim to meet each child's needs and promote emotional growth and to provide an atmosphere where children discover and explore. Through play situations, our two-year olds learn to master their surroundings. Our program stresses use of motor skills and development of language. Children learn colors, shapes and sizes, and numbers. Teachers use a curriculum especially designed for this age, which incorporates “fun” characters while learning self-control, communication and cooperation skills. 

Nursery Program

We strive to establish a setting where all students can learn and develop utilizing positive reinforcement and hands on learning. Your child will learn new skills and concepts, become problem solvers and learn to work with others.  Vocabulary increases, as they listen to stories, discuss feeling in circle time and engage in cooperative play with fellow classmates. Fine motor skills are developed with cutting, pasting, coloring, and blocks. Letters and numbers become more important to the child as they develop their cognitive and language development. 

Kindergarten Program

We will grow, imagine, and learn together. Our role is to stimulate, guide, and to set the foundation for real academic learning. We aim for each child to develop a positive attitude towards school while growing emotionally, socially, physically, as well as academically. This program provides a strong educational foundation for the child in both Judaic and Secular subjects. The curriculum includes development of the Hebrew language, Tefila, reading, and math skills. The program also concentrates on the development of both large and fine motor skills. Learning materials are age appropriate and exciting to master. 

Enrichment Classes

An array of challenging and fun enrichment classes are available to enrolled children. These classes offer more opportunities to explore a particular interest, and are a great opportunity to expand your child’s preschool experience.

Amazing Athletes

Provides a unique and fun-filled sports program that incorporates physical fitness, muscle tone and gross motor skills while learning and playing baseball, volleyball, basketball, soccer, hockey, football, lacrosse, golf and tennis. Fun, confidence-building, teamwork and sportsmanship are all objectives of this action-packed program.

Music & Movement

Introduces children to many different instruments. Additionally, the program provides opportunities for hands-on learning experiences with an assortment of rhythm instruments. 


Each month the students will learn and have first hand encounters with a variety of animals.